Business Administration 

Do you find yourself getting stuck doing mundane tasks, day in and day out? Feel like all you ever do is book work and dream of having the spare time to spend with family or enjoying your life again? Enter Virtually Beyond. With my dedication, attentiveness and organizational talent, I will manage your calendar appointments, travel arrangements, email management, typing correspondence, and many other tasks that may present itself. Get in touch to learn more.  

Prices are as follows (all in AU$):
$35 per hour
$350 for 10 hours
$500 for 20 hours
(hours expire after 30 days and can not be rolled over)

Basic Bookkeeping

If you don't have time to send out invoices, or even send out reminder emails to customers that may have forgotten about your payment. If you run accounting software (quick books, wave, MYOB) I am able to log in for you and send out all the important paperwork to give you peace of mind that you haven't forgotten to do those tasks. All services will be strictly confidential and agreements can be drawn up to reflect that.

Prices are as follows (all in AU$):
$35 per hour
$350 for 10 hours
$500 for 20 hours
(hours expire after 30 days and can not be rolled over)

Social Media Management
Running an efficient online business page takes a lot of time and effort, and I am here to help. From taking social media posts to the next level to answering online inquiries, I'll make sure your customers get the professional support and attention they deserve. All packages can be negotiated between myself and your business, depending on your individual needs. Packages below are priced based upon ONE Facebook social media account per week, if you are needing more than one account/platform managed, please contact me.
Prices are dependant on Virtually Beyond creating content for your business. If you would like to create your own content and just have it scheduled to your social media, prices will vary.

*All prices are subject to change and based on Australian dollars


Basic package includes 5 content posts, 1 marketing graphic and paid promotion for 5 days ($2 per day option)



Standard package includes 10 content posts, 2 marketing graphics, paid promotions for 7 days ($3 per day option) and page monitoring



Premium package includes, full management of page plus 10 content posts, 5 marketing graphics, 7 days paid promotions ($5 per day option) and weekly page feedback


Graphic Design

If you require a marketing graphic or maybe even a logo design for social media, with my creative flair I am able to take your business to next level with an eye catching graphic. 
Designs are priced from $40
(depending on details needed)
Each graphic package includes TWO graphics plus two revisions, also permission to use finished graphic on my site as part of my portfolio is a MUST (Free advertising for you as a benefit)


For any more information or to have a chat..  

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