About Me


I have been doing administrative work for well over 15 years at home for family and friends, the natural move was to expand on that knowledge and help others that may need it. Caught up with the social media bug I have been on most platforms for over 10 years, running online business and sporting group pages for a number of years, marketing products and graphic design came as a natural progression. I have previously run my own massage therapy business, and it has taught me a lot about accounting software and CRM management. All of my experience and learning has been self taught, at home through online methods or by self exploration and experimenting. I could make a really long list of all the programs I have become efficient in, but that would take up most of the page. With so many small short course certificates that I have undertaken over the years, it is all about giving it a go, and I will take on almost anything head on just to gain knowledge and experience to be the best that I can be. Being actively involved with sport since I was young as a player, then an official and now over the past 6 years I have been more involved with team management, organizing people, and most recently secretarial positions. So if you need someone that is very organised and needs to have everything in order, then I am the person you are looking for.

About me the person
I am local to the Riverland region in country South Australia. I am a mother of two girls, and partner to one very busy man. You can always find me doing one thing or another as I can not stay still for long, and I like to keep myself busy with various things. Ever since I was young I have been actively involved with softball and netball as a player, and more recently as an official or on a committee. Now also a parent of two very talented sporting girls (yes I am a tiny bit biased, but isn't every parent) all three of us have represented the Riverland in softball during state country carnivals and myself at Australian Masters games. I have gained a lot of skills through my involvement with my sports, managing teams, umpiring, coaching, learning to be quiet as a parent. What you see is what you get with me, I am a very open, honest person. If I think something can be done a better way, you can count on me to voice my opinion on it. I am not your typical "professional" and I will never claim to be, but if a task is put in front of me I take every measure to make sure I get that task done in the most professional way.